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Essay on teenage pregnancy while high school students

essay on teenage pregnancy while high school students

of pregnancies occur during the first month of sexual activity. There is no encouragement here to have children at young age, but only food for thought: is it so bad to bring new life into the world and continue fulfilling your plans a bit later? Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on what I see as the biggest challenges young adults face today. Even the most rigorous upbringing cannot keep a small lady from fatal mistakes, so it is necessary to talk not only about chastity and reasonable behavior, but also about contraception. Teenage pregnancy and childbearing are key factors in leading teenage mothers into disadvantages lives (Bissel, 2000). Women who give birth as teenagers share many similarities prior to becoming pregnant in terms of family background, racial/ethnic profile and education (Bissel, 2000). We will write a custom essay sample. Central Idea: I will give three reasons as to what I see as the biggest challenges are; the abuse of drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancies, and unemployment. Exposure world too early, to attend party meetings, dating the weekend makes you vulnerable girl or irritated about sexual needs. Especially, if she eats healthy food, eliminates alcohol and nicotine. Additionally, there is a surplus of both satire and genuine speech in society today of teenagers being told that they should not have sex because they will get pregnant and that pregnancy will ruin their life.

essay on teenage pregnancy while high school students

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It may well be an unwanted baby or an unfortunate accidental pregnancy these things are not uncommon. Young mother needs a lot of support from her parents and relatives, heart-to-heart talks, joint trips and gatherings. Your parents would be devastated if they found out about your situation. Abstinence programs use those scare tactics to prevent pregnancies; whereas, in comprehensive sex education programs, birth control is discussed. Abstinence education is the classic route and should be taken into account due to its morals, support, and past usefulness. Some challenges are just part of life and we have to learn how to deal with them, but there are others such as unemployment that we can change.

These peoples have strong family values and they live in a family-oriented world. Colleges line up to have you as their student. Teenage mothers often have a very irresponsible attitude to their own health, they do not take vitamins, do not pass inspections, drink alcohol, smoke or eat unhealthy food.

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