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Why do we celebrate black history month essay

why do we celebrate black history month essay

African Americans. So long as people think black Americans played little part in building the foundation of a whole country, Black History is supposed to be around. It was the third week in February to coincide with Lincoln's birthday on the 12th as well as Frederick Douglas birthday on the 14th. Two new things happening. Woodson was born to parents who were recently slaves, he spent his early childhood working at a Kentucky coal mine. Woodson was dismayed to read that very few history books had mentioned the work of famous African American. Since 1976, February has been officially designated Black History Month in the.S.

It is also a month during which the often overlooked or neglected contributions of Canadians to the growth and development of the United States are recognized and discussed.
Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February all over America.
Woodson, a historian and.
Numerous reforms were also observed in the month of February.
For example, the US Senate passed the 15th Amendment giving blacks equal rights to vote in the presidential elections.

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DuBois, important civil rights leader and co-founder of the naacp, was born. When Do We Celebrate Black History Month? It first started being recognized and celebrated in 1987 by Akyaaba Addai Sebbo. It commemorates and recognizes the roles played by African Americans in shaping the history of the United States of America. White people in this country havenever had to fight to equalize themselves from the difference ofskin color. A moments consideration will show it would not have beeneconomically viable for the traders to have to go and capture allthe slaves they transported. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Woodson was disturbed to find that history books ignored the African American race. He first thought it should be January because it was the first month. In october children around the world in school learn about the history of black people such as how the white people use to kill the black and use them as slaves. 5 Popular Foods for Celebrating Black History Month. Orientals enslaved white, Negroesand orientals.

Celebrating Black History Month allows us to pause and remember their stories, so we can commemorate their achievements.
Contemplating Black history draws people of every race into the grand and diverse story of this nation.
Why Christians Should Celebrate Black History Month.
Recently, a dear friend of mine, who is an African American male, asked why we should make a big deal of Black History Month when we should celebrate the contributions, culture, and history of Black.
But it wasnt always that wayI remember the very first Black History Month back in 1976.