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Functionalist perspective on the family essay

functionalist perspective on the family essay

a useful article by Cathy Newman. The above preview is unformatted text). It is admitted that affluent pupils may well be at an advantage in selection tests because their parents are more likely to be able to afford private coaching but claimed that in principle it might be possible to devise entrance tests which accurately measure underlying. A redesign of the gcse Examination system and of individual subject curricula which aimed to prioritise entry for ebacc subjects English Mathematics, Science, Modern Languages,and History and Geography which were deemed especially valuable on educational grounds and in terms of enhancing future employment opportunities and. George Peter Murdock The four essential functions of the nuclear family. It is noteworthy that after 13 successive years of Labour government that even though average educational achievements have improved there are still very significant class, gender and ethnic inequalities in educational achievement and ongoing concerns that on average the UK labour force is less skilled. They are mainly interested in the position of woman with in the more. In this essay I have focussed upon 5 broad policy areas and 6 Sociological Perspectives.

His functional fit theory is that as society changes, the type of family that fits that society, and the functions it performs change. Date Page last edited:, for further information on several of the issues covered in this document click on the above Education link. Schools Effectiveness  Research indicated too that there were wide variations in examination results in schools with similar socio-economic intakes thus demonstrating that variation in examination results was caused at least partly by variation in the quality of the schools themselves and not only by socio-economic. The possibility of moving between sets/bands/streams within a comprehensive school system  provides a more flexible response to the issue of later development than does the actual transfer between schools in a selective system. Thus it was argued that the process of quasi -marketisation would generate a "parentocracy" whereby individual parents would have far greater individual choice in determining  the schools which their children  would attend. Following The UK EU Referendum and the resignation of David Cameron the Conservatives elected Theresa May as new Conservative Prime Minister and  Mrs May, supported by new Secretary of State Justine Greening  indicated that she favoured  an increase in the number of grammar schools,. In Feb 2015 The House Of Commons Education Select Committee published its  Report on Academies and Free Schools. They believe society is based on a conflict between the classes - working class "The Proletarians" and ruling class "The bourgeoisie ".

Essay Title: Examine differing sociological approaches to the analysis of the ways in which educational policies may affect the achievements of pupils Essay Plan Introduction Functionalist Analysis New Right Analysis Social Democratic Analysis Interactionist Analysis Marxist Analysis Feminist Analysis Conclusion. Is the nuclear family universal? By Professor Becky Francis and Dr Billy Wong. It is feasible that other instiututions could perform the functions above. Some critics of Labour's education policies have argued that the criticisms of Conservative education policies which had been outlined by Ball, Bowe and Gerwitz and otherssee above might be seen to apply equally to Labour's Choice and Diversity agenda. In an ideal world these vocationally based courses would enthuse students to adopt more positive attitudes to education in the recognition that what they are learning would help them to improve significantly their future employment prospects. According to Marxists even radical social Democrats are unlikely to challenge the capitalist system and therefore unlikely to introduce truly liberating education policies which means that education policies will continue to have an important role to play in the reproduction of capitalist class structures. Also they believe strongly in the 'Myth of Meritocracy which they believe does not provide real equality of opportunity as the functionalists claim, as via selection, such as setting in to ability groups, the working-class are separated from the middle-class. Thus Marxist/Socialist Feminists would argue that only the abolition of capitalism, possibly via revolutionary means, will result in real equality of educational opportunity for males and females in all social classes and all ethnic groups while Radical Feminists argue that only the ending of Patriarchy.